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Third Time is a Charm

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on February 4, 2014 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I should not type in the dark.  Maybe if I didn't type in the dark, I'd have better luck at this whole keeping a blog thing.  :(

This is my new years post :D 

I'm a little behind schedule, but hey, I'm a busy girl.  Full time job, husband, kids, Facebook, Pinterest...oh and writing.  Hopefully, there are a few...or one person atleast that will read this besides my Mom.

Seriously though, I hope everyone had a great holiday and that this new year is treating you well!  I'm doing okay.

I wanted to share a video I made for my paranormal romance novel, The Afterlife of Trinity Rose.  So very excited about this story and it is my new favorite...until the next one is finished cause that seems to be the way of it!  I really hope you check it out!

What's next?

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on September 22, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

In November I plan on releasing a new Christian romance.  In God's Golden Time is my chosen title for this one.  Here is what I am hoping will be the cover of this new book.  I love this cover...of course, I designed it myself, but still...I love it.

Watch for the e-book to come out FREE around Thanksgiving.  My gift to my readers for being so supportive and maybe, if you enjoy it, you'll buy the paperback for a family member or friend for Christmas!  This book will be available, like all of my others, at & Createspace. 

This is another sweet story I wrote years ago and have revamped to make it more ME and who I am now.  It is a story about love, forgiveness and second chances.  You'll find these to be reoccurring themes in my Christian books.  Most likely this is due to the fact that I believe being a Christian and forgiveness go hand in hand.

Hope you catch this one free in November - because I really do appreciate each and every one of my readers and love to give a little something back to you each year!


A little something I wrote for an interview...

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on September 22, 2013 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Why I love bad reviews and other lies I tell myself…

Lie #1 I am an independent author and I write for me. While it is true it began that way, it quickly changed once I took the leap to self-publishing. As soon as I allowed others to read my stories, nasty little thoughts began to creep into my head. Will my readers enjoy this one? Is this what my readers will want? Whoa, there lady…didn’t you JUST say you write for you? Yep. And at one time, it was true, but now I write for us; meaning, myself, my readers, and my characters. This does cause some pressure…only if I let it.

Lie #2 I don’t care about the money. Like HELL I don’t! Once I realized I could make a paycheck doing something I love, I started to care about the money pretty quickly. With that said, I make a promise. I will ALWAYS strive to give my readers the best I have to offer and charge as little as I can for it. I do enjoy the paycheck when I see it, but the money isn’t all I care about. However, it does help with the bills and some of the fun stuff in life…like eating. So please, never download my work or any other author’s work illegally from pirated sites!

Lie #3 I didn’t send my books to a publisher because I wanted to be in control. While yes, I do love control, the fact is; I HATE rejection. The thought of being told my stories aren’t good enough for “mainstream” is heartbreaking, and I haven’t even heard those words yet. I’m afraid there is no way I will subject myself to them, nor do I ever want to be told my stories aren’t what is trending right now. In this sense, I very much write for me. When inspiration strikes, I like to go with it. I don’t want to be told I can’t or to copy whatever is popular just to make a dime. So, I guess this is a half-truth.

Lie #4 I am an awesome author! Ha! I can’t even type that with a straight face. While it is nice to hear from my readers, I don’t always believe it. I like to tell myself to be confident in my ability to tell a good story, but the truth is this - every time I publish a new novel or allow a beta reader to have a read, I am a bundle of nerves until that first review comes in!

Which brings us to the biggest lie ever told…

Lie #5 Psshhaw, that bad review didn’t bother me. What?! The truth is - it did bother me! Especially the very first one, which I received not even a month after publishing my basically unedited version of Whispering Coves, which went a little like this… “the book is sloppy and overlong” OUCH! And, “the author has serious issues with grammar”. I only cried for a little while over this. Unfortunately, I was just too new to the game to understand how thick-skinned one should be before subjecting their babies…I mean novels, to the world. Now, if I could look past the constructive criticism I could see some positive notes to the review, such as, “I believe Ms. Armbruster could really crank out some good stories.” or “Ms. Armbruster has some real writing talent and storytelling ability.” Luckily, I have learned to focus more on the positives and out of 52 reviews of that first novel, only 2 gave low ratings. I like those odds.

Those are the top 5 lies I tell myself when it comes to my writing career. I think once in a while, it is good to sit back and be refreshingly honest with yourself and those around you. Now that I am feeling better, I’m off to the Department of Motor Vehicles to put my real weight on my driver’s license…


Death Becomes Me: Murder in Paradise

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on July 11, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Ah yes, my first book in a Trilogy. I never thought I'd see the day where I would even attempt a trilogy. one was written and book two practically wrote its self. It seemed the story of my main character, Jenna Kitchem, hadn't been finished after book one, Death Becomes Me. So then, we move on to book two, Death Becomes You. Book three is yet to be finished, but I have faith it will happen...and Death Becomes Us will be released.


Jenna Kitchem has no idea what awaits her in Paradise, Louisiana when she moves there with her one and only friend, Savannah. Just hours after her arrival in the quaint little town, she is overcome by a horrifying psychic vision. This isn’t her first experience with visions, but it feels like it could be her last.

As the mystery unravels, Jenna begins to realize that sometimes evil hides behind the face of God. With the help of Savannah's cousin, Eli, an attractive police officer, she hopes to find the truth about a missing girl, thought to be a runaway. Will she find out, once and for all, the truth behind her visions and if they are a curse…or a gift from God? One thing she is sure of, Paradise may not be quite as perfect as it seems.




Making your own Book Trailer

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on June 9, 2013 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Top 3 reasons why you should have your own book trailer:

1) All the cool authors have one.

2) It's like a movie or slide show of your book, who doesn't want to see this happen?

3) They are surprisingly fun to make!  And easy, too.  Just do it.

I was scared at first to attempt a book trailer, and honestly didn't see what all the hub bub was about it, bub.  But then...I checked into them more and realized the awesome advertising potential they have.  You have to admit, sharing links on Facebook is great, but sharing videos - well, that's even better!

This is where I went to learn about making my own book trailer and I'm happy to share the link with you, so if you are an independent author, like myself, and thinking of new ways to share your story - try this link and make your own book trailer.  Once you have done that, stop by my Facebook page, Amy Armbruster, Author and Paranormal Investigator and share your trailer with me!


God's Hands, a Christian romance novel

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on June 9, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Natalie Green is haunted by memories of a past that she can not change. Isaiah lives every day with a guilt that even God's forgiveness has not rid him of.

When the two are brought together, will they be able to help each other find what the other has been searching for? Can one find forgiveness and the other peace?

Find out in this sweet, Christian romance story by paranormal romance author, Amy

The reviews are in:

Wow! This book was wonderful! It was a fast reader with lovable characters and a bit of mystery. ~ Littlemama (5 stars!)

This is such a heartwarming book. I truly believe God works in mysterious ways. This book left me with such a warm happy feeling. ~ Kim Martin (5 stars!)

If you've ever made bad choices, needed forgiveness , searched for lost then you can relate to these lovely characters who grow in God's grace and find true love. ~ Donna VanHooser (4 stars!)

The story line kept me reading from beginning to end. The display of God's love and how he can help someone forgive is awesome. ~ Keya (5 stars!)

To read more reviews, go to

Devon's Curse, a paranormal romance novel

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on June 9, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)


After a very troubled childhood, Devon McKinley has finally learned how to live with her curse. A best selling author, she takes the stories of the ghosts that come to her for help, and turns them into award winning novels.

Life settles into a routine, a routine that is only interrupted by the death of her one time doctor, friend...and lover. When she returns to her hometown, she has to confront new ghosts as well as her own, very haunted past.

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Here are some of the reviews found at

This author has a lot of talent and I enjoyed this book. I immediately downloaded more of her books when I had finished!  ~ Beth Stenstrom (5 stars!)

I did have some of it worked out before the end but not quite the author threw in a twist that I didn`t see coming. Well worth the price, I will be looking for more books by this author.  ~ Nancy J Oakes (5 stars!)

I enjoy books that hook me in the beginning and don't get bogged down and this one fit the bill perfectly.  ~ Mac "Mac" (4 stars!)

The author has a wonderful tempo to the story and keeps you hanging on for it to all make sense right up to the end.  ~ Brenda Sue Littleton (5 stars!)

To read more of the 20 reviews - go to


Whispering Coves, a paranormal romance novel

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on June 9, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

While Shyla Walters is recovering in the St Louis Stress Center her husband Jaycob lets the lease go on their apartment and transfers to Savannah, Georgia for a new job as a professor of architecture. He rents to own an old plantation house called Whispering Coves Plantation. Fourteen hours away from St Louis, Missouri and the tragedy that cost Shyla her sanity.

Jaycob hopes that life for the two of them can start fresh and perhaps their marriage can be saved.

Shyla tries to retain all she learned at the stress center while coping with life minus her closest and only family. Faced with new struggles, Shyla learns that life at Whispering Coves Plantation isn’t what it seems. Shadows tend to move on their own and whispers from the cove seem to echo of a tainted past in every darkened hallway.

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Here are some of the reviews posted on Amazon:

Had me turning page after page. The characters were intense, heart-warming and sincere. ~ M.G. Casteleijin (5 stars!)

Couldn't put this book down! Kept my interest throughout- loved the flashbacks into the history of the South even though it was sad at times. Very good love story with a touch of ghosts- but not too creepy.  ~ C.J. Watkins (4 stars!)

I wasn't sure what to expect when buying this book, but the more I read the more I couldn't stop.  ~ J (5 stars!)

Loved this book! I usually don't read paranormal romance stories but this one might have changed my mind. ~ LKH (5 stars!)

To read more of the 52 reviews - check out Whispering Coves at!


Sisters Forevermore, a paranormal romance novel

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on June 9, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)



All Samuel Mackenzie wants is a new start for his two daughters after the death of his wife and son. The move to Primrose was his wife's dying wish...

He doesn't know what awaits them in the small town and the monstrosity of a house that he has purchased. He doesn't know the old secrets that the house has hidden within its walls.

Secret sins that are meant to be buried forever...but sometimes, the bond between two sisters is too strong to let the sins of their father remain hidden, even if one of them happens to be dead...

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 Here are some reviews - straight from Amazon!

I have been waiting for this new one to be published. I was not disappointed, It had the flow that I always look for, a very well thought out story line, and I didn't lay it down after I started reading.  ~ Billie Payne (5 stars!)

I had to force myself not to read it all at once, I just did not want the experience to end! ~Melanie Pennock (5 stars!)

I really liked this book. I actually teared up a couple of times. I didn't think it was your typical ghost story. ~ Lesa (5 stars!)

To read more reviews, go to!




Christian Romance

Posted by Amy Armbruster, Author on February 24, 2013 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

In December of 2012 I branched into Christian romance with my story, God's Hands.  You can find this and all of my other novels at (just type in Amy Armbruster).  God's Hands is a sweet story about forgiveness that I wrote in 2001.  I have many Christian romance stories that I wrote at that time.  I plan on releasing them when I can.